So, you've written a book, GREAT!
Now turn it into an eBook for $99.

Why authors love eBooks?

1. More control over your sales and marketing
2. After creating the eBook, copies are instant and FREE.
3. Zero shipping cost: eBooks delivered for free
4. Zero shipping effort: no packages to courier
5. Zero shipping time: eBooks received in minutes
7. Potentially keep almost 100% of the profits
Your payment gateway (e.g. Paypal) will take a small percentage


Let us help to kickstart your book. If you are having difficulty putting your ideas on paper, you may need us for one chapter, or three, or for the whole thing.
Complete, cover-to-cover, with a microbiologist's eye for noticing details. We frequently review the work of other editors and still find dozens of spelling / grammatical / formatting errors that were missed.
Manuscript Review
Our experienced editors provide crucial feedback regarding your book's presentation, structure, plot, characters and dialog.

Cover graphics design

Our world-class graphics team has considerable experience with book covers, major web sites, world-class photography. Our active clients include authors, large corporations, small businesses, movie and television producers, and many more.

Can the eBook cover you design also be used for the print book?

You betcha. And, if necessary, we can help with that, too.

eBook creation

Humans convert your Word, PDF or etc document to produce high quality, DRM-free files for viewing on eReaders, tablets and smartphones.
Conversion of up to 4 graphic elements: charts, graphs, tables, drawings, photographs and more.
Every file is tested by our digital publishing team to ensure your eBook works perfectly on popular eBook readers.
We aim for a turn-around time of 3 business days. Sometimes we are faster.
The ePUB document you receive from us is not restricted/locked to any one system (e.g. Amazon). It can be read on most eBook readers, phones, iPADs and computers. The DRM-free .mobi files are readable on Kindle. Download one of ours and give it a try.

Consider an ISBN

Straight-up, an ISBN is not necessary. However, there is no downside to having one.
The big five digital retailers do not require ISBNs: Apple, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Sony.
Some other online stores DO require you to have an ISBN number.
If your book is ever added to an electronic card catalog (e.g. public library), the ISBN number is the book's unique ID in the database.
For $29, we will obtain an ISBN for your book (CANADA only).

Publish on your own website

Special for our eBook customers:
Cutting-edge, single-page, five-section website
Includes sections: Books, Author, Blog or discussion
  area, and Contact Form (some substitutions allowed)
Free guidance with domain registration and hosting


Choose a package that works for you


Just the eBook, You provide cover, up to 4 other graphics, and proofed manuscript (no editing will be done).


With the eBook, we design a butt-kicking cover that is sure to increase sales, you provide up to 10 other graphics


eBook, plus 5-section website, with Paypal checkout. Add $75 for a custom designed cover.


Payment system, with Paypal checkout. integrated into your existing website.

Don't see what you want? Customize a package.